Where’s UU TV?



The company that offered the service powering UnitarianUniversalism.TV was sold.  Based on changes in the company and platform, I am not continuing use of their services.   This means UU TV as a project is ending.   If you had a player on your website that has become disabled, my apologies for the short term notice.    I am starting to search for those of you who have these players and notifying webmasters.

Thank you for sharing UU TV over the years.  It has been a fun project, but I do think it is good timing for this change.  Much of the value this site offered in terms of content curation is now being done via Facebook and other congregational social media.

In terms of content people watched on UUTV,  95% of the video views were of the same “About Unitarian Universalism” videos.   Just a few videos, the UUA’s Voices of a Liberal Faith, and the You’re a Uni-What? video made up the majority of  views..  I’ve set these up the most watched content as a playlist on the UU PLANET youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL489B927BB0C4BF9A.

Please feel free to use or copy this playlist.  A good strategy if you have your own Youtube channel is to make a similar playlist which you control, and embed this in your site.  Then you give people the primary value of UU TV, and can always add your own videos.  Like a welcome video from your minister or key leaders!  For more on making ministry and media, subscribe to my enewsletter.  I’ll be sharing related resources in the next few issues.

Again, sorry for the sudden change!
In cooperation, Peter

One comment

  • Peter, no apologies! Times change, and like a good UU should, you’ve adapted. You’ve singlehandedly done more to promote Unitarian Universalism in the past ten years than any other person or organization, and you’ve inspired me to try to do my small part in my corner of the world. Thank you for all of your guidance and efforts.

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