The UU Talks Project

Working with our congregations and Twinkle Marie Manning,  a Unitarian Universalist who is an award winning TV producer, event planner and seasoned TED Talk organizer,   we are launching  TED Talk like project called UU Talks!

Do you love this idea?  Do you want to see more high-quality media produced sharing UU ideas, values and making the best of Unitarian Universalism with the world?  If yes, please tell us!  We want to hear your feedback and ideas. Contact us via the project’s social media channels.

Learn more in this Feb 2nd episode of the VUU:

How It Works

Step 1:  We help you hold amazing local UU Talk events
With how-to resources and coaching from the UU Talks team,  local congregations host events where amazing UU inspired talks are delivered and filmed.  Using our model, the event will generate revenue to cover the filming of the talks.

Step 2.  We share and promote videos of the UU Talks
Videos from local UU Talks are then given to our team to distribute through the UU Talks website and social media channels.  We’ll be growing and investing in these channels.  Once distributed via our channels, they can be shared everywhere!

Step 3. UU Talks support funded by our success
After we launch the project and have our first batch of talks produced and initial support resources created  — funded by this Faithify campaign — we’ll be move on to the long term funding strategy which will be via the Patreon crowdfunding.

Patreon, a crowdfunding site for creators, will let us identify UUs and friends  who will fund each video we publish through the UU Talks platform.  That way the cost of our support to congregations comes from the successful publication of videos.

Did you catch that?   We’re going to have the cost of our time supporting congregations funded not up front, but after we successfully help you create amazing events and videos.  And we’re going to do that via a larger creator based crowdfunding strategy.

If we reach our $3,000 goal now [now funded] we’ll move forward with our startup.  Then it will be  UUs  pledging $1+ for each video we distribute which supports this project long term.

What I Love

What I’m most excited about is the outreach potential.  Eventually we can have enough patrons that we’ll have an advertising budget generated for each video.  Imagine if every time we published a video, UU Talks had the budget to do paid advertising promoting that video to the larger world!   A video related to a specific justice issue could be shared and promoted via Facebook with an interest in that justice issue.  This would invite people to engage with content they care about, and through it, discover UU Talks and Unitarian Universalism.  I see this as a way of turning Unitarian Universalism inside out.  Instead of asking people to join a church, we’re inviting them to engage with something we are passionate about.

Also Amazing…

Also amazing is the potential for this project to build the media skill and capacity of our congregations,  strengthen their local partnerships.  And all of that using a model that pays for itself — local events are self funding and UU Talks is funded by helping congregations and successfully  producing new videos!

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