I lead workshops for Unitarian Universalist leaders topics on a range of issues related to UU growth, outreach, social media, small groups ministry, innovation.  This includes keynotes, retreats, seminars, and online trainings.

Online Training

To help leaders keep on top of changing technology, culture, and associated shifts in strategy I’ve moved much of my training online.

My featured online offering is Leading Congregations Monthly.

Every month features a new training on topics related to congregational growth, outreach, and media.  Join us and infuse your congregation with new ideas, insights, and practical strategies!

All sessions are presented LIVE and then available ON-DEMAND in the program member area.


Image from Peter Bowden’s Leading Congregations Monthly live session for May 2019

Worshops and Seminars

I regularly lead worshops, seminars, and retreats for congregational leaders. This includes programming for a wide range of congregational leaders, professional groups, conferences, and denominational leaders.  Please contact me to discuss an event including your name, organization, and your topic(s) of interest.  See below for a the range of topics I speak on.  All events are customized for the audience.

Topic Possiblities!

Social Media Training

I have been at the forefront of Unitarian Universalist social media from, well, the start of social media!  I offer programming on strategy, trends, and platform specific skill training

  • Facebook Pages for Congregations
  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Twitter for Religious Leaders
  • Blogging for Religious Professionals
  • Mobile Video Production
  • Social Video for Ministry
  • Social Media Skill Training
  • Social Media Strategy Sessions
  • Developing Congregational  Social Media Plans / Schedules
  • Social Media Team Development and Coordination


Digital Culture

Related to social media are topics related to our changing digital culture.  Separate from skill training workshops,  I offer programs exploring the larger cultural issues, trends, and implications of digital culture on our ministry.

  • Trends in Social Media, Technology and Digital Culture
  • Understanding the DIGITAL Search for Truth and Meaning
  • Religious leadership in an Open Source Culture
  • Digital Culture and Spiritual Parenting
  • Ministry in the Age of Smartphones

UU Growth and Membership Development

A critical part of growing a congregation is knowing what to do when people show up,  how to meet and greet them, and how to quickly connect them with people in your community. 

  • Greeting and Hospitality
  • Greeter Training
  • Social Media for Membership Growth
  • Small Group Ministry for Growth
  • Connecting Event Strategies
  • Mystery Visitor Services (online / site-visits)

Small Group Programs

Since co-founding the UU Small Group Ministry Network in 2004, I have been a leader in promoting and supporting Small Group Ministry and Covenant Groups across our association.

  • Designing and Implementing a Small Group Ministry Program
  • Small Group Growth Models
  • To Grow Larger, You Must Grow Smaller
  • Training for Clergy
  • Small Group Facilitator Training
  • Small Group Ministry for Religious Education
  • Advanced Topics

My Small Group Lab project is dedicated to using small groups and intentional community building to strengthen the social fabric of our communities and institutions.  

Business Team Seminar Corporate Strategy Concept

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ministry

I’ve been working as an independent Unitarian Universalist ministry innovator, change agent, coach and consultant for over a decade and have coached a growing number of UU’s leading innovative ministry projects.  While I tend to do more personal coaching in this area, I periodically offer trainings for teams associated with entrepreneurial ministry projects.

  • Personal Branding for Entrepreneurial Ministers
  • Social Media and Communication Training for Project Teams
  • Ministry Crowdfunding Strategies
Religious Leaders Protesting New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure. Photo: Peter Bowden.

Climate Change and Climate Justice

I spent my 2014 sabbatical studying climate change, climate justice, and how to get involved with  Unitarian Universalist climate justice efforts.  This was primarily my effort to figure out how I personally could use my discretionary time and skills to have the greatest impact.

In the end, I chose to work with internationally recognized climate activist (and Unitarian Universalist) Tim DeChristopher.  I worked with Tim for two years, including during the launch of the Climate Disobedience Center.  Though it is not my primary work with our congregations,  engaging UUs in climate justice is of great importance to me.

Our reality is that all parish ministry now must be addressing climate trauma & depression.  One of the best ways to do this is to kick some serious ### for climate justice!  And I’m great at getting people educated, excited, and taking action.   

  • Mobilizing UUs for climate justice!
  • Talking to Children about Climate Change
  • Integrating Climate Justice into RE programming
  • Building Resilience Through Story (Sermons & Messages for All Ages)

Spirituality, Technology and Futurism Themes

For a long time futurists were people who thought about and discussed the way distant future.  Today, change is happening so fast, we are all challenged to be futurists.  I’m actively studying developments in technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence with an eye to how they impact our sense of self, community, and associated justice issues.

Additional Topics

If you don’t see a topic you’re interested in or were hoping for, please contact me with some basic information about your programming hopes and needs.