I’m Unitarian Universalist trainer and coach, Peter Bowden!

A lifelong UU, congregational consultant, digital strategist, and TV producer, my work is presently focused on helping our leaders adapt to our rapidly changing world. This includes skill training, strategy training, speaking to professional groups, and lots of cheerleading.

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NEW Video Engagement Strategy Training

I have a new FREE online Video Engagement Strategy training! This 5-part series is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and shares some of my top recommended strategies for congregations. These are drawn from my deeper Video Ministry Academy training and associated coaching programs.

• Go to this free training.
• This training will also be available on the UUA’s course site.
• Learn more about Video Ministry Academy — version 3.0 coming out June 2022.

New training on Video Engagement Strategy Sponsored by the UUA

Guest Preaching

After years of guest preaching throughout New England, I’ve stopped most of my on-site guest preaching. I’m focusing on helping congregations develop ways of gathering online, prioritizing online small group experiences.

I’m using the metaverse platform TOPIA.IO to create online experiences that replicate moving through a physical environment and support casual conversation and facilitated group experiences.

If you would be interested in an alternative Sunday experience that includes small group exploration, crowdsourcing wisdom, and even experimenting with virtual environments, let’s talk! Contact me via my main site here: Contact Peter.

Below is a blast from the past… This is one of my favorite moments guest speaking in our congregations. After offering a message for all ages, a little music improv!

Strategy Sessions

I offer one-on-one and team strategy sessions for religious professionals and leadership teams. These are generally 60-minute to 90-minute strategy sessions.

Because I am prioritizing group training programs, on-demand content, and supporting leaders through group workshops, I do have limited availability for one-on-one sessions.

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Workshops & Seminars

I lead programs for professional chapter groups, denominational leaders, seminaries, conferences, and other gatherings. Topics generally are related to my core training areas including congregational life in a digital and video-first world, ministry and media, digital strategy, community building, small group ministry, social media, and understanding present trends.

We have a growing need for sessions on critical skills & strategies for emerging professionals and professionals not ready to retire and in crisis.

For booking, please share your event interest using the form on my contact page.

LIVE Online + Podcast

I regularly go live online to answer questions from my training community. Your questions power these public strategy sessions. I have a question box on my website that you are welcome to use at any time.

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I also share audio content through my podcast.

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What’s My Story?

Raised a Unitarian Universalist in the First Unitarian Church of Providence, RI, I grew up at church.  It came to feel like home, especially as a teenager.

As a volunteer, I taught religious education classes, led our youth group, young adult group, and served on nearly every committee from religious education to membership.

Researching ministry models used by other denominations led me to develop a group-based model for our youth group.   Convinced that the model would be successful across age groups,  I began connecting with other “small group ministry” leaders across our association.

During this time I worked for the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Ballou Channing District,  and volunteered to lead young adult and adult small group ministry programs in my home congregation, among other leadership responsibilities.

In 2001, I convinced other UU pioneers of this approach to share some of their resources freely online and launched the UU Small Group Ministry Network website.

Through the network, which we relaunched as a UUA affiliate organization in 2004, I worked to promote and support the development of amazing small groups across our association.  This quickly developed into a national consulting practice.

Specializing in small groups led to community building, leadership development, and social justice work.   My work in these areas grew over time to encompass growth strategies, outreach, size transitions, shared ministry,  membership development, and beyond!

In 2007, as Youtube and social media began to transform the web,  I chose to study digital media through Boston University instead of entering seminary.   At this time I had been working both our congregations and as a producer on multiple nationally syndicated children’s television shows (PBS Kids projects).

With professional expertise in congregational life and television production, I was well suited to respond to the growing need for Unitarian Universalists to harness the power of digital communication.

Ever since, I’ve been helping our congregations use digital tools to communicate, connect, and grow their membership and their impact.  Today I support Unitarian Universalists and other community leaders through on-demand training, live online rapid implementation workshops, speaking, coaching, and strategy sessions.   

If you would like to discuss how I might be of service, you may contact me here. 

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