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Coaching with Peter Bowden

The NEW YEAR is here and it is back to work!  For me, that means coaching UU clergy, staff, volunteers, and other justice leaders — maybe you?  Here's a quick video explaining the coaching work I do with clergy, congregational staff, nonprofits and other justice leaders. To schedule a session click here.  Let’s make 2018 … Continue reading Coaching with Peter Bowden

Welcome Show and Tell: UU Congregation of Phoenix, AZ

First in our UU welcome table "show and tell" series is the UU Congregation of Phoenix, AZ. The average guest visiting a congregations decides if they are going to come back within minutes of being on site. How we welcome guests is critical! This is a problem for our congregations with cringe worthy welcome tables, cobweb covered welcome nooks hidden in dark corners, and in some cases nothing at all. To help inspire taking our welcoming environments to the next level, I've invited members of the UU Growth Lab to join in a little welcome table show and tell.

UU Ice Breaker Bingo

This UU Ice Breaker Bingo activity was created by me, Peter Bowden, and the Rev. Amy Freedman. It was designed specifically for a religious education parent community building event. Download UU Ice Breaker Bingo: Icebreaker Bingo (updated 10/20/17) DOC  Icebreaker Bingo (updated 10/20/17) PDF Example Board For best results CUSTOMIZE the boards to better fit … Continue reading UU Ice Breaker Bingo

Emerson’s Transparent Eyeball Coloring Page

Recently my wife, the Rev. Amy Freedman, asked me to make an easel pad sized version of the classic Ralph Waldo Emerson "Transparent Eyeball" illustration by Christopher Pearse Cranch (ca. 1836-1838).  She wanted the large version to use in a message for all ages at First Parish in Concord, MA.  Read Amy's post about the … Continue reading Emerson’s Transparent Eyeball Coloring Page

UU Chalice with Hands Image for Word Art

An image Amy Freedman and I made years ago for a t-shirt has resurfaced as the basis for Unitarian Universalist Word Art! This post shares the original image and website for making your own.

Alice the Chalice

The following image was originally designed for a New England Leadership School t-shirt.  Featuring the hands of the Rev. Amy Freedman and Peter Bowden, this image has become a favorite graphic and basis for making UU word art.

UU Chalice with Hands “UU Chalice with Hands” by Peter Bowden and Amy Freedman

Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, was the first to create amazing word art from this image. Thanks to Joy for so generously sharing her idea and process!

You can generate your own for free at http://wordart.com.  Purchase credits to download high resolution files to print larger posters.

UU Chalice Word Art by Joy Berry UU Chalice Word Art by Joy Berry




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Don’t let ANXIETY and UNCERTAINTY keep people from visiting your congregation

People who are anxious and uncertain are less likely to visit congregations. You can help them eliminate the anxiety and uncertainty by actively doing one thing -- ANSWER ALL THEIR QUESTIONS. And you can do it online. Here's how.

5 Ways Social Media is Changing How People Join Congregations

With approximately seven-in-ten Americans now using at least one social media site (Pew Internet), faith leaders can’t afford to ignore the impacts of digital culture. Here are five ways social media is changing the process of connecting with and joining congregations.

6 Videos to Help You Prepare for UUA General Assembly 2017

For those of us going to this year’s General Assembly conference, the UUA has compiled a fabulous list of tools to help us prepare. It includes readings, videos, books and activities. Here are six videos featured in their list of preparatory tools. Me? I'm going to have a GA prep movie night...

Tips for attending UUA General Assembly 2017 Edition

This collaborative post and “survival guide” features tips and reminders for attending the annual General Assembly conference of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Share your tips, share this post, and I’ll see you at GA!