Pulpit Supply

I am a regular guest preacher at congregations across New England, especially the Greater Boston area.  I also preach nationally in conjunction with other scheduled events.

Not sure if I’ll travel to your congregation?  Ask me.  Given notice I may be able to schedule a training in the area and make it a larger weekend trip. I regularly work with local UU congregations to host my trainings.  But I need notice.

Guest Preaching

Service Themes

I am often brought in by congregations seeking an outside expert, trainer, and cheerleader.  These services tend to relate to my top areas of expertise: social media, small groups, and community building.

  • Social Media
    “Friendship in the Digital Age” is one of my most popular services. It is designed to orient the congregation to how social media is changing the way people are searching for and connecting with congregations, as well as how they need to be greeted.  This service also tends to draw people who have been waiting to visit.
  • Small Group Ministry
    I offer services to support the exploration, development, and revitalization of
    small group ministry and other group programs. I co-founded the UU Small Group Ministry Network and have been supporting group ministries nationally for over 15 years.  In conjunction with your ministry team, I can facilitate a special “Small Group Sunday” where everyone attending worship tries a sample session during your fellowship time. I’m talking total coffee hour take over!
  • Climate Change
    In addition to my work with congregations, I work with some of the top climate activists in the country on digital strategy and organizing.  Given the urgency of climate change, we need every congregation to have some form of climate action team or ministry.  I can help jumpstart your efforts.

Additional Topics

  • Congregational Size-Transitions
  • Finding the “Perfect Minister”
  • Zen, Mindfulness Practice
  • Technology, Social Media, and Digital culture
  • The Power of Imperfection
  • Quantum Spirituality, Psychic Powers, and Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Unlocking Your Inner Superhero

Messages for All Ages

As a seasoned volunteer religious educator teacher,  former teacher, and children’s television producer, I LOVE to leading messages for all ages.  I use this message time to explore the concept of the service in a fun, helpful and memorable way.  Then I go deeper with the adults during the rest of the service.  For example, below is a message for all ages shared during a worship service the day after one of my trainings.  The host congregation had me preach.