Pulpit Supply

I am a regular guest preacher at congregations across New England, especially the Greater Boston area.  I also preach nationally in conjunction with other scheduled events.

Not sure if I’ll travel to your congregation?  Ask me.  Given notice I may be able to schedule a training in the area and make it a larger weekend trip. I regularly work with local UU congregations to host my trainings.  But I need notice.

Ministry & Congregational Life

Most often, I am brought in by ministers seeking an outside expert, trainer, and cheerleader for congregations working with:

  • Supporting new social media efforts. “Friendship in the Digital Age” is one of my most popular services.
  • Supporting small group ministry program development. I co-founded the UU Small Group Ministry Network and can help you launch a program or run a special “Small Group Sunday” where everyone tries a sample session during your fellowship time.
  • Community building and creating connecting opportunities.  Separate from a small group ministry programs, I preach on the changing nature of community, the role of congregations, and can run Sunday “connecting events” using combination of small groups and full group conversation.
  • Challenging congregations to experiment, learn, and take risks.  I’ve been a ministry innovator for years.  I can help challenge your congregation to bring a spirit of innovation, experimentation, and play to your ministry.
  • Turning congregations into  “change agent academies” which is my way of  challenging clergy, staff, members and friends to collaborate to transform the local community and the larger world.
  • And other topics where it is helpful to have an outside expert so you staff and key leaders can say, “Well, remember what Peter said…”

Additional Themes

I offer services on a range of themes that are less church focused including but not limited to:

  • Zen, Mindfulness Practice
  • Technology, Social Media, and Digital culture
  • Mobilizing UUs for Climate Justice
  • Transforming Introversion
  • The Power of Imperfection
  • Quantum Spirituality, Psychic Powers, and Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Robot Revolution
  • Unlocking Your Inner Superhero

Messages for All Ages

As a seasoned volunteer religious educator teacher,  former teacher, and children’s television producer, I LOVE to leading messages for all ages.  I use this message time to explore the concept of the service in a fun, helpful and memorable way.  Then I go deeper with the adults during the rest of the service.  For example, below is a message for all ages shared during a worship service the day after one of my trainings.  The host congregation had me preach.