Social Media and Congregations Lost In Time

Recently I had the honor of collaborating with my friend and colleague, the Rev. Naomi King, on the 2013 Minns Lecture “Ministry in the Age of Collaboration.”    We were asked to speak on social media and Unitarian Universalism in the 2st Century. We are both  sharing core messages from our talks via our blogs, andContinue reading “Social Media and Congregations Lost In Time”

Healthy Congregations: A systems theory approach

Last week Amy and I attended a Healthy Congregations™ Facilitator Training in St. Paul, MN at the Luther Seminary.  Led by pastors Roger Schwarze and Bill Strom.   Though I had read Peter Steinke’s book, Healthy Congregations (Alban),  it was great exploring systems theory and congregational life with the small interfaith group of assembled participants.  IfContinue reading “Healthy Congregations: A systems theory approach”