QR Codes, Congregations and a UU Growth Challenge

The following guest post is by Bridgette Collado and Rev. Eric Hausman. Bridgette is a health communication consultant, focused on the intersection of health and technology. She may be found on Twitter as @bcollado. Eric is a Unitarian Universalist minister with backgrounds in technology and organization growth. Learn more about Eric at reverendhausman.com. QR Codes … Continue reading QR Codes, Congregations and a UU Growth Challenge

QR Codes for Congregations?

Click to see what URL is encoded in this QR Code

In the UU Growth Lab the question of QR Codes just came up.  You may have noticed these starting to show up EVERYWHERE.  QR Codes can be scanned by smart phones and used to direct mobile devices to a web address or decode a text message.  I've invited UU Growth Lab members Bridgette Collado and … Continue reading QR Codes for Congregations?