Social Media for Ministry and Outreach 2/25, Metro DC Area

Social Media for Ministry and Outreach with Peter Bowden Saturday, February 25, 2012  *  9AM – 3PM At the UU Church of Silver Spring  (Website | Google Map) 10309 New Hampshire Avenue  Silver Spring, MD 20903  Register Online Now Download & Share Event Flier (PDF) Social media is fundamentally changing how people form relationships, consumeContinue reading “Social Media for Ministry and Outreach 2/25, Metro DC Area”

Get my tweets @uugrowth

After Tweeting @uuplanet for the last few years I’ve just changed Twitter usernames to @uugrowth. This is to bring my UU Growth related tweeting in line with this site’s address,, associated Facebook page at, and all my other UU Growthines into alignment. Questions about that?  Send me a Twitter direct message via @uugrowth. I'llContinue reading “Get my tweets @uugrowth”

Facebook UU Lab Directory as of 11/11/11

The following is a directory of topic focused UU labs on Facebook.  After I launched the UU Growth Lab in February 2011, lab members immediately started launching “spin-off” labs in an organic fashion.   For those not familiar with the UU Growth Lab, I like to think of it as a virtual lounge where UU leadersContinue reading “Facebook UU Lab Directory as of 11/11/11”

Growth, Front Doors and Foyers in the Digital Age

In this post, a call to action for congregations wanting to grow but not fully realizing that their front door and first greeting space has moved online. Plus information on related UU Labs on Facebook. And yes, I know this is a hard transition.  But it is necessary.  If you’re stuck, ask for help andContinue reading “Growth, Front Doors and Foyers in the Digital Age”

Ministry and Media for All Ages workshop – Nov. 19. 2011

Friends, if your congregation is within reasonable travel to Southern New England please share this event reminder with your congregation.   My workshop will be focused on MEDIA and MINISTRY  for all ages.  I’m designing it with a wide range of participants in mind — religious educators, clergy, volunteer teachers, youth advisors, youth, young adults.  YouContinue reading “Ministry and Media for All Ages workshop – Nov. 19. 2011”