The UU Talks Project

I am an advisor on the new UU Talks project by “Twinkle” Marie Manning, an effort to create a Unitarian Universalist series of talks and videos similar to TED Talks.  She is a Unitarian Universalist, an award winning TV producer, event planner and seasoned TED Talk organizer.

For the latest on the project and to host a UU Talk event:

How It Works

Step 1:  UU Talks team helps you hold an amazing LOCAL UU Talk events
With how-to resources and coaching from Twinkle and the UU Talks team,  local congregations host events where amazing UU inspired talks are delivered and filmed.  Using this model, the event will generate revenue to cover the filming of the talks.

Step 2.  UU Talks team shares and promote videos of the UU Talks
Videos are distribute through the UU Talks website and social media channels.  The project will be growing and investing in these channels.  Once distributed via these channels, they can be shared everywhere, including by the local host congregation.

Step 3. UU Talks team support is funded by our success
After the initial launch the project and the first batch of talks produced — funded by this Faithify campaign — the project will  move on to the long term funding strategy which will be via the Patreon crowdfunding.  Patreon, a crowdfunding site for creators, will let the UU Talks Project  identify UUs and friends  who will fund each video  published through the UU Talks platform.  That way the cost of  support to congregations comes from the successful publication of videos. Did you catch that?   Using this model, the time supporting congregations is funded not up front, but after the UU Talks Project successfully helps local hosts create amazing events and videos.   I think this model is going to be very popular and will help take our movements media capacity to the next level!

UU Talks on the VUU

Twinkle and I joined the VUU to talk about the project.  Note that this is Twinkle’s project that I am advising on. People have been asking me why we can’t make our own version of UU Talks for years.  My reply? We need TED knowledge.  And now we have it via Twinkle! Can you tell I’m excited to connect people with her and help make all your talkin’ dreams a reality?