UU Planet Community Facebook Group

I recently launched a new UU PLANET COMMUNITY group on Facebook!

This new group is going to serve as the Facebook hub for my work and projects helping Unitarian Universalists lead and grow amazing congregations.

If you’re interested in UU growth, social media, small group ministry, hospitality, youth ministry, young adult ministry, religious education, ministry innovation — all areas we’ll be discussing — I hope you’ll check out our new UU PLANET COMMUNITY.

Why use a group instead of a page?  Because Facebook is prioritizing group interaction.

We’re going to have a lot of fun while working on growing your congregation’s membership and amplifying its impact. I’ll be sharing regular mini-trainings via live stream, with these kicking off weekly conversation. Below is the first live session.

The group is off to a great start with over 500 members in our first week.  Don’t miss out, grab fellow leaders interested in leading and growing amazing congregations and join us.

What’s that you say?  You’d rather go to hell than go to Facebook?  I hear you, but I’m called to train and support UU leaders and amplify our impact in the world. That means going where they are.  Facebook is too valuable a space for me to ignore.

If you’re concerned about Facebook’s bevior and practices,  join our group and with all the time you save by learning from our community you can go lobby for regulation of social media companies. 👍