GA Video Blog: Serving at-risk youth with Rev. Don

During the 2011 General Assembly conference of the Unitarian Universalist Association I conducted a video blogging experiment in partnership with the UU World Magazine.  If you watch and share these videos, please share feedback with me.  Are these interesting, helpful, relevant? I want to know!

This is video #6 in the series.

Video description from post on UU World GA blog:

This morning I had a cup of coffee with the Rev. Donald E. Robinson of the Beacon House Community Ministry in Washington, D.C. Beacon House has been partnering with area Unitarian Universalist congregations for over 20 years to enrich the lives of local youth with phenomenal results.

Update: Beacon House could use some benefactors to help build a multi-million dollar facility. With such a facility they could go from serving a few hundred youth per day to 1500.  Can’t get much more bang for your buck than that!

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One thought on “GA Video Blog: Serving at-risk youth with Rev. Don

  1. I didn’t go to his workshop, but I was on the liaison board for Beacon House for ten years. It was a lot of work and the Board was an excellent group of people to make this work. Don was/is a committed person to make this happen. What a transformation!

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