“Gamification” of Church

I just watched the following videos by Gamification expert, author and speaker, Gabe Zichermann.

If you, as a congregational leader,  want to understanding the coming generations, watch one of the following presentations.

At present we are, as Zichermann says, more disconnected from our youth than any other generation.  That’s right, the technological cultural differences between generations are greater than they have ever been. You still making phone calls?  Exactly.

While you watch Gabe’s talk, consider what “gamification” of your congregation and its ministry might look like.

TEDxKids@Brussels – Gabe Zichermann – Gamification

Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification

4 thoughts on ““Gamification” of Church

  1. A few years ago, responding to complaints from kids, I started rewriting RE lessons to be more choice based. After chalice lighting and check in, the kids are let loose to visit various ‘centers’ to direct their own exploration. Thanks to wifi and lots of donated laptops, there is always an online activity to explore. These initially were a lot of you tube videos of songs and stories but increasingly as I have gotten better at thinking creatively, these include online games that help to enhance learning.

  2. Peter I am fascinated by this. One implication is that we may really need to “gamify” the structure of RE. But can we do that without creating or using external rewards. Because if the only reason kids come to church are the external rewards, not the intrinisic ones then at some point the external rewards will stop and so will they. I would love to sit down with this guy and talk about gamification and church.

  3. In the Netherlands we are building a large “Serious Game” for the church. If you’re interested… just let me know!

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