What is Small Group Ministry all about?

This video by the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis does a great job of sharing what small groups in our congregations can be like.  Thanks to First Universalist for producing this, great to have video testimonials!


Interested in small groups for your congregation? Check out the website of the UU Small Group Ministry Network. It is filled with resources, including a great quarterly journal, and hundreds of free session plans.

The UU SGM Network started as a website I launched in 2001 with a focus on networking and exchanging resources.   In 2004 other small group early adopters and I launched the network as an organization with a membership program to better support these ministries.

Today the network is a non-profit, with a great board, and continues to support  small group ministry and covenant groups across the UUA.  Those of you passionate about growth, master small group ministry. Ministry is relational.  No groups, no growth.

PS — An important shout out to Rev. Justin Schroeder for his ongoing work with small groups. He’s on my short list of UU clergy who *really* understand the power of small groups. Want to get on that list?  Write a blog post like this about small group ministry and share the link with me. 😉