Rev. Marlin Lavanhar on Trayvon Martin and the New Jim Crow

With permission I share this comment by Rev. Marlin Lavanhar on the national response to his recent sermon on the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the book  The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Era of Colorblindness.  I hope you’ll watch and share both Marlin’s sermon (below) and Alexander’s book.

“The national reaction to this sermon has been huge. Much of the info comes from Michele Alexander’s book: “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Era of Colorblindness”. I think it is the most important book on race in America in a generation. Please read it! ”  — Rev. Marlin Lavanhar

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5 thoughts on “Rev. Marlin Lavanhar on Trayvon Martin and the New Jim Crow

  1. I just watched this, Peter. It’s good. Thank you for posting it. There are at least five people in my life I’m forwarding it to who are involved with the issue of criminal justice and race.

  2. WHAT ARE YOU DOING MARLIN, SPLITTING THIS COUNTRY?Those anti-black statistics and partisianism only incite hurting. YOU JUST HAVE TO DEMONIZE THOSE EVIL WHITE MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES!This pulpit speaker has not been in Georgia lately, where black witnesses saw a black commit a crime. they got black policemen to arrest this suspect. They had this suspect tried in court with black lawyers, a black judge, before a black jury. They came up with a verdict, justice was done. Please quit digging up the hatred! Treyvon Martins trial has NOT happened yet! SHUTT UP, love on the families of victim and guard and let justice unfold. Put your torches and pitchforks away. I pray that the truth will be revealed and justice be done and most of all, HEALING not HURTING! I PRAY IN JESUS NAME THAT THE WHITE, BLACK, LATINO, INDIAN, ARAB, PERSIAN, AMERICAN INDIAN, AND ASIAN, RICH, POOR, DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, GAY, STRAIGHT will stand up TOGETHER and FIGHT FOR their FREEDOMS this country has to offer as well as from this CACA DEL TORO coming out of this human’s mouth. OH and I want MARTIN LUTHER KING rejoicing from heaven being PROUD of his people, AMERICA the melting pot of the world. In JESUS NAME , AMEN (P. S. Jesus, say hi to Brother Martin for me)

  3. How pitiful. This explains once again the absolute bankruptcy of UUism and why it remains a fringe faith.

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