Facebook Changes: What Your UU Congregation Needs to Know

Facebook’s recently announced changes are going to have a huge impact on congregational pages. Here’s a briefing on the changes and why you may want to consider incorporating a congregation-wide Facebook group into your strategy. This is food for thought.
You should talk how to respond with your ministry communications team. Don’t have a team working on integrating ministry and media? Oh, we should talk… Let me know you need support. That’s what I do.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Changes: What Your UU Congregation Needs to Know

    1. Great suggestion! That would make a great blog post. Adding to my list.

      One of my favorite strategies is to think about how to add a question. How can you get people commenting with purpose on the topic you are posting about? Here are some quick examples.

      If you post about a class discussing super heroes and making their own super hero drawings, you could include question like “If you could choose one superpower to have, what would it be and why? Share in a comment!”

      If you wish your community a Happy Valentines Day, you might incorporate a question saying, “Now it is your turn. What do you love about our faith community?”

      Posting about a special Lent worship service? Maybe ask a question about what people are giving up for lent…

      Sharing an event for a UU coffee house? Share how AMAZING your coffee houses are, what value they have — great place to meet other people, fun, food, music, etc… Also good to include specific prompts to like and share. Maybe say, if you’ve been to one of our coffee houses like this post and share this event with friends who might like to join you.

      Asking for interaction is important. It can help to let your ministry team know that Facebook only shows people content that is engaging and brainstorm together on how to engage people in online conversation, exploration, that is meaningful and relevant.

      Also worth noting, it is much easier to do this when you know what you are doing (upcoming services, events), why you are doing them, and have a little lead time.

      For congregations where the clarity about the service doesn’t come until Saturday night, that makes it harder to engage people.

      I coach ministers and other workship leaders to try and bring their research, exploration, and discussion relating to services online in advance of the service. Prioritize a collaborative exploration that includes people in the process, don’t just try and get them to show up on Sunday for something that’s been developed in isolation by the minister. Big culture shift there!

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