Friday, May 31: UU Climate Justice Update with Aly Tharp

Join me and Aly Tharp Friday at 2:30pm EST for a LIVE Unitarian Universalist CLIMATE JUSTICE update.

Aly Tharp of Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth Friday and Peter Bowden share news, events, and opportunities to help us engage with UU climate justice efforts.

Links related to this week’s news:

The Procession of Species & UUMFE 30th Anniversary Dinner Celebration


Climate Justice: Extending Our Reach
August 4 – August 9, 2019

Conference: Building a Movement for a “Green New Deal”
Advocacy Conference on Environmental Justice, Class and Race by UUs for Just Economic Community, UU Ministry for Earth and UUSJ
Sunday, September 15-Tuesday 17, 2019
Sunday 11:15 AM through Tuesday 4:00 PM
Washington, DC

Youth vs. Gov Climate Trial

Aly Tharp is the Program Manager of the UU Ministry for Earth.

Hosted by Peter Bowden, UU PLANET Ministry & Media


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