New UU Kids Media Projects

UPDATE: Shortly after I shared this post my mother died. Associated responsibilities are going to consume much of my free time for some time. Probably push this effort more to Spring 2020. Stay tuned!

Friends, This Summer I’m learning how to make ANIMATED CHARACTERS so I can produce cartoon videos about Unitarian Universalism for kids.

Imagine a UU FAQ series just for children!

Imagine fun UU characters explaining the history of the flaming chalice, sharing stories, exploring justice issues, and more!

I’m talking 100% UU animated content!

Want to be in the loop on these projects? I made an email list just for my UU PLANET kids media projects. You can subscribe at 

Once I get a core group of people subscribed, I’ll schedule a Facebook Live or Zoom session to discuss. I’ll email you when I’m ready to talk!

Know anyone interested in UU religious education, faith development, family ministry, and the like?

Share this link with them!

Here’s a character test showing real time computer tracking to generate the animation.

Here’s another test with a background. As I said, I am only just starting to learn this software. I’m sharing these test videos both to spark interest and so you can appreciate whatever I produce down once I know what I’m doing 🙂

A little more on my background with childrens media.

When I’m not speaking, training, and coaching leaders, I produce live action content for nationally syndicated children’s television shows. For over 16 years I have worked as a producer / educator specializing in kids activity segments.

Below is a Youtube playlist of examples.