October 9: Mastering your “Plan A Visit” Strategy

Topic:  Mastering your “Plan A Visit” Strategy
Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 7pm EST
Duration: 60 minutes
Where:  Online / Zoom Webinar
Recording:  Available to program members

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Many people thinking about visiting a congregation make it to the congregation’s website, but never follow through with a visit. Thinking about visiting a congregation is very stressful, let alone actually visiting.

You can help people interested in your congregation follow through with a visit by helping them decide to visit RIGHT THEN AND THERE when they are on your website and considering it.

Don’t let people linger in an anxious, tentative, maybe I’ll visit state.

To help them commit to a visit and move forward requires understanding their state of mind, shifting your website’s language, and what you are asking them to do.

Instead of saying, “Oh, visit anytime,” help them RSVP for a specific upcoming service. Proactively help them plan their visit and send them clear instructions, resources, and support.

The best part? You can automate this process with automated emails sending visitors who RSVP the information they need, prompting them to ask if they have additional questions, as well as notifying your team that they are coming.

By doing this you shift when you collect information from when they visit in person to when they plan to visit online. Instead of trying to figure out who newcomers are as they come in, you’re proactively connecting with them in advance.

Can you tell I love this strategy?

I’m watching this strategy being deployed across the church world. All the rapidly growing congregations I follow are shifting to this approach.

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