Alice the Chalice

Have you heard of Alice the Chalice? Unitarian Universalist Kids across America are coloring Alice the Chalice activity pages during Sunday services and in their classes/group meetings. You may print them out and use them in your congregation! Member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association may also use Alice the Chalice clip art in materials promoting their religious education programs. See full permissions here.

A number of years ago my wife, the Rev. Amy Freedman, and I developed the character Alice the Chalice as a tool for getting kids excited about our faith. So far, the response has been great!

We periodically create Alice the Chalice themed coloring pages.  When we develop resources they are published online at

But most exciting is the Alice the Chalice Facebook page curated by the Rev. Amy  Freedman featuring a wide range of resources for UU religious educators, parents, and caregivers.

Alice the Chalice on Facebook

Alice the Chalice - Pages colored by RE class

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