Social Media for Spiritual Practice with the Rev. Naomi King

Friends, here’s the recording of my conversation with the amazing Rev. Naomi King! Peter Bowden Friends, on Friday, March 1st at 1:00pm EST I’m going live with the Rev. Naomi King to discuss using social media for spiritual practice, setting intentions for how we digital tools, and more!  If you are interested in the intersectionContinue reading “Social Media for Spiritual Practice with the Rev. Naomi King”

On Digital Culture and Congregational Membership

Happy Friday friends. Facebook LIVE office hours (1/18/19) answering some of your questions about digital culture and congregational membership development. UPCOMING EVENTS:  See below for 3 upcoming events, 2 Boston area, one online! Wed, Jan 23 – Metro West RE Cluster – “Spiritual Life in the Digital Age” I’m leading program for our local clusterContinue reading “On Digital Culture and Congregational Membership”

Embracing Family Ministry with Laura Beth Brown

  In this Facebook Live conversation with Laura Beth Brown and Peter Bowden we discuss “Embracing Family Ministry” based on Laura Beth’s popular workshops and role as Director of Family Ministry at Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation is Summit, NJ. We discuss how her congregation’s approach to family ministry is drawing inspiration from the book “Salsa,Continue reading “Embracing Family Ministry with Laura Beth Brown”

How UU Reston added 101 new members in 2 years

In this session, I’m joined by the Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston, Virginia. We discuss her congregation’s incredible membership growth — 101 new members over the last 2 years! Many of the strategies they use are ones your congregation can implement. Rev. Debra says that if theyContinue reading “How UU Reston added 101 new members in 2 years”

Helping website visitors have that “These are my people!” experience

In this UU Planet Facebook live session, I share a brief case study on tweaking congregational website text to help people have that “these are my people!” experience. Recently I visited two UU congregational websites back to back. The difference between them was staggering. One was “Eh….” The other? I was instantly drawn in, inspired,Continue reading “Helping website visitors have that “These are my people!” experience”

UU Social Media: Why collaboration is critical for success

In this Facebook Live session, I discuss UU congregational social media management and why a collaborative spirit and team approach are critical to success! This 23-minute session is for all congregational leaders including religious professionals, staff, and volunteers. Parish ministers and ministry leaders: A special message (cheer leading!) for you is included starting at 14Continue reading “UU Social Media: Why collaboration is critical for success”

Engaging people in congregational life using social media – climate justice example

How can you use social media to engage people in congregational life?  It isn’t by bombarding them with boring cut and pasted invitations to attend! In this excerpt from my weekly live Q&A / office hours in our UU PLANET Community group, I share an example of using social media to engage people with aContinue reading “Engaging people in congregational life using social media – climate justice example”