UU Ice Breaker Bingo

This UU Ice Breaker Bingo activity was created by me, Peter Bowden, and the Rev. Amy Freedman. It was designed specifically for a religious education parent community building event. Download UU Ice Breaker Bingo: Icebreaker Bingo (updated 10/20/17) DOC  Icebreaker Bingo (updated 10/20/17) PDF Example Board For best results CUSTOMIZE the boards to better fit … Continue reading UU Ice Breaker Bingo

Emerson’s Transparent Eyeball Coloring Page

Recently my wife, the Rev. Amy Freedman, asked me to make an easel pad sized version of the classic Ralph Waldo Emerson "Transparent Eyeball" illustration by Christopher Pearse Cranch (ca. 1836-1838).  She wanted the large version to use in a message for all ages at First Parish in Concord, MA.  Read Amy's post about the … Continue reading Emerson’s Transparent Eyeball Coloring Page

GA Program for the UU Association of Membership Professionals

The Unitarian Universalist Association's UUA General Assembly 2016 conference is coming up fast!  I'm excited to be leading the morning professional day program for the UU Association of Membership Professionals.  We'll be exploring social media, storytelling, building relationships, membership growth and social media planning.  I don't know if my talk is being live streamed or … Continue reading GA Program for the UU Association of Membership Professionals