UU Social Media and Membership Growth Follow-Up Resources

Below are resources related to our 2014 UU Social Media & Membership Growth workshop series. If you attended one of these trainings, thank you. As I said in our training, the work of sharing our stories, vision and values via today’s communication tools and engaging with people online is important ministry.  ~ Peter

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To help you and your congregation stay up to date on the areas I lead trainings on without giving up your Saturdays, I’m going to start offering trainings via video on-demand, articles, and e-books.  Want to stay in the loop and get notified as new resources are ready? Click Here to Subscribe


I update handouts continually so these were shared via email.  If you missed or lost the email containing the download link for these, please email me with the date of the training you attended.  If you include the words “Handouts Please” in the subject it will be highlighted in my inbox and you’ll get a faster response.

More Links, Videos and Resources

UU Growth Lab on Facebook
The UU Growth Lab, a Facebook group, was launched by me to serve as “A free space and think tank for Unitarian Universalist change agents” focused on exploring UU growth issues. I am the community manager.  If you are interested in growing our faith, I’d love to have you join us. It is technically secret on Facebook standards, but all are welcome.  Just go to http://uugrowthlab.com and use the form to submit your email address and UU affiliation and I will add you.

UU Social Media Lab on Facebook
A great forum and learning community for Unitarian Universalists working with congregational social media.

UU Facebook Lab Directory

Media Works Facebook Page
Inspirational images and quotes ready to use by your congregation.  Adding these to your Facebook page’s stream will get you more likes.
Hi Res Archive http://uumediaworks.tumblr.com/

Social Media Policies
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta

Welcoming in the Age of Social Media
UUA Interconnections interview with me conducted by Don Skinner discussing some of the themes of our training.

Peter Bowden’s UU Tweets
Follow my UU Twitter account, @UUPLANET, to see my tweets and my sharing (retweets) of others on Twitter.

UU Twitter Crash Course
Before this last UUA General Assembly I made a 20 minute “crash course” on getting ready to tweet at General Assembly.  This walks through setting up an account and some basics including how to find people to follow.  Though it highlights the General Assembly conference,  it is a good basic UU Twitter tutorial.

UU Association of Membership Professionals Resource Page

UUs Get Social Workshop
Resources and videos from the #UUsGetSocial workshop series from General Assembly. I spoke on video making and sharing. As I may have noted, this was filmed in, uh, a dark room with padded walls. Don’t ask me why we were placed in that room if we were going to be recorded.  I recommend downloading my video tips handout below and listening to my presentation’s  audio, but don’t try and watch it.
You can download JUST my presentation audio here (20 Min).

Peter’s Tips for Video Making & Sharing
My handout (PDF) on video making and sharing supplement for #UUsGetSocial workshop

Just for Fun

The following is a message for all ages I offered in January on “Welcoming Newcomers” at the High Plains UU Church, host of one of these trainings, and is followed by an improvised song on the same theme by the amazing music minister, Joe Uveges.  This message shows how I have educated people about greeting newcomers. Joe and I are discussing an a UU-Growth-a-Palooza Sing Along Tour 😉

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