UU Twitter Hashtag Directory

This directory was started by Rev. Naomi King (@revnaomiking) in collaboration with the UU Social Media Lab.  UU Social Media Lab logo by Christopher Wulff (@cwulff).  I have been maintaining and expanding it, including examples and hashtags submitted from other sources.

Hashtags are how we create larger conversations on Twitter and other social media platforms.  No matter how many people are following your Twitter account,  if you include a hashtag in a tweet, such as #BlackLivesMatter or #UUAGA, when that hashtag is clicked it will pull up every tweet on EARTH that includes that tag.


The @BlackLivesUU organized teach-ins held across our association this Spring used the hashtag  #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn.  These conversations continue.

New UUA / UUSC Love Resists campaign is using hashtag #LoveResists

The Official UUA General Assembly hashtag.  It is the same every year. DO NOT ADD A YEAR. That’s like locking your tweets in a closet. No one will see them.

The official UUA 2017 Presidential Election hashtag as determined by the candidates and the UU World Magazine.  Though the candidates aren’t using this much. Best to follow the three candidates.





Popular Unitarian Universalist Hashtags

#chalicelight = chalice lighting



#chaliceout = chalice extinguishing

#UUSunday – Tag tweets related to UU Sunday services so people can easily pull up Sunday service oriented tweets.


UU Hashtags

#CradleUU – Conversation about and among those born and raised Unitarian Universalist

#uu = In English, this is often Unitarian Universalist content, but there are U Universities and other organizations using it, plus other language tweets. Not the best.

Conversations led by or about Fahs Collaborative Fellows.

#MyUUstory – Share your story of becoming a UU or growing up Unitarian Universalist. This is a newly suggested hastag via the UU Social Media Lab. Give it a try!

#CongBeyond = Congregations & Beyond conversation based on UUA President Peter Morales’ Congregations and Beyond paper

#Commit2Respond – Tweets on UU climate action, climate justice and the new Commit2Respond campaign

#minnslectures  Minns Lectures, established by Susan Minns for an annual lecture series on topics important to Unitarian Universalism. http://minnslectures.org

#OurWholeLives – a/k/a OWL, comprehensive religious education program shared with the United Church of Christ (UCC). http://www.uua.org/re/owl

#summerservice – great for reminding folks you’re worshipping all year

#UUFaith = General talk about Unitarian Universalist faith and faith development.  Also consider using #21stUUFaith.

#21stUUfaith = conversation specifically Unitarian Universalist related to the 21st Century Faith Formation conversation for christian faith formation (John Roberto), adopted in late 2012, replacing #uu2020#uu2020 = conversation specifically Unitarian Universalist related to the 21st Century Faith Formation conversation for christian faith formation (John Roberto), replaced in late 2012 by #21stUUFaith

#uuaga = Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (GA)

#uubiz = UU business, as in traveling on UUA, district, regional and/or related Unitarian Universalist congregational business.

#uugov = Unitarian Universalism governance conversation

#uugrowth = conversation about growing Unitarian Universalism

#uupewbuddies – Was used for sharing worship messages connecting those at worship with the rest of the world (rarely used, replaced by #UUSunday)

#UUSunday More seeker friendly version of #uupewbuddies

#uure – Unitarian Universalist Religious Education  (rarely used)

#uuread – Unitarian Universalist Common Read

#uuriskfaithers = Emerging and Risking ministries & growth

#uustories = Sharing stories of Unitarian Universalist life

#UUThemes  = We need to determine what we’ll be using for our tweets on Unitarian Universalist Theme Based Ministry.

#LREDA = Liberal Religious Educators Association.

#LREDAwow  = Fall 2015 Liberal Religious Educators Association conference with “Religious Education without walls” theme.

#UUMN = Unitarian Univeralist Musicians Network

#AUUA was suggested but it seems to be something else in Spanish = Unitarian Universalist Association of Administrators

UUMA = Use @UUMinAssoc, the twitter account of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association and the ministry days tag.

#MinistryDays = Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association GA Ministry Days

#SideofLove = Standing On the Side of Love Campaign

#DRUUMM – Diverse, Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries. Also on Twitter at @DRUUMMOutReach

ICUU = Best to tag their accounts @icuuinfo and @icuuatga International Council Unitarians and Universalists

UUA = Use Unitarian Universalist Association Twitter account @UUA

UUSC = Use Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Twitter account @UUSC

EqUUal = use EqUUal Access account, @EqUUalAccess

#wisdomtalewednesday = we share wisdom tales



If you aren’t on Twitter yet or are new,  watch this 20 minutes UU Twitter crash course video I made in June 2014 before the Providence, RI General Assembly.  Though there are a few examples related to that year, all the how to info still applies. ~ Peter





Popular in UU and Related Circles

The following are not specifically UU, but draw a number of U, U, and UU folk



#spiritchat – Popular ongoing Tweetchat held Sunday mornings













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