Mass Bay District Spring 2010 Conference References
Mass Bay District Spring Conference
Sat, 05/01/2010 – 9:00am – 4:30pm
Location: First Parish Church of Weston
The following are links and references from my presentation at the Mass Bay District’s 2010 Social Media themed Spring conference.  This page will be updated following the conference with additional information, such as resources that come up in Q & A and large group discussions. Have follow up questions?  You may email me at  — Best, Peter

The Social Media Revolution

This video shares great stats about social media, its rate of growth, and communicates the extent to which Social Media is here to stay.

Social Media Sites/Tools

WordPress:  blogging platform very popular among UU congregations – host a blog on their site – download and host on your own server



Share This: add share button to your site

Hootsuite: Multi user Twitter account management

Feedburner:  Allows you take an RSS feed from any site and make an enhanced feed with stats and other features.  Using Feedburner also allows you to make a “permanent” feed, changing the source as you shift around blogging sites. (added 7:30pm  May 1)

Yoono: Update status across social media sites

Yelp: Reviews about anything and everything including your congregation

Foursquare: Location based “Check-ins” using mobile devices GPS. Connects to other social media sites and says “I’m here and this is what I’m doing.”
UU Growth Blog post on Foursquare by Rev. Naomi King

Google Search:  Claim and update your listing
UU Growth blog instructions

Quotes, Articles, Books & Related Sites

With social media it’s not a choice whether you DO social media, the choice is how well you DO it.
– Erik Qualman

Why Should Your Church Invest in Social Media?
This article from “Ministry Best Practices” website shares three quality goals for faith communities using social media – Communication, Connecting, and Call to Action.

Growing Your Religion Through Social Media
by Cole Lewis, Unitarian Universalist Community of Lake County.

Mashable Guide to Facebook
Mashable Guide to Twitter

The Myspace / Facebook Racial Divide (added 7:30pm  May 1)

The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice (amazon)

The Blogging Church by Brian Bailey with Terry Storch (amazon)

UUA Social Media section

UUA New Media Blog

UUpdates directory of UU blogs

UU Podcasters: Includes how to

Iphone App Maker

Unitarian Universalist Example Sites

The following sites represent a range of congregational sizes and approaches to using social media.  URLs and membership data based  on April 2010 information.

UU Congregation of Smithton, PA
Number of Members: 12

Includes “What’s Happening”

Facebook Group

Thomas Paine UU Fellowship
Number of Members: 104


First Universalist Church of Rochester

Number of Members: 136
Facebook Fanpage

Tapestry, a Unitarian Universality Congregation in Orange County, CA

Number of Members: 148

Facebook Fanpage

Tapestry Blog

First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, PA
Number of Members: 218

Facebook Fanpage


Iphone app in development

Rev. Nate Walker – Youtube
Rev. Nate Walker’s Website

Members page “We are pleased to announce that on June we welcomed our 100th new member in two years!  And a super-majority of our pledging units met the high-five challenge! Congratulations, everyone, for a very meaningful year.”

  • 44,524 visits to their webpage of which 34,760 absolute unique visitors;
  • 27,044 visits to their Podcasts;
  • 10,682 subscriptions to their Podcasts;
  • 5,428 visit to their YouTube Channel; and
  • 1,316 fans on Facebook (1002 visits last week).

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix
, AZ
Number of Members: 372

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta

Number of Members: 684
Facebook Group

First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, NM

Number of Members: 762
Facebook Fanpage

Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA
Number of Members: 924
Facebook Group

First Unitarian Church of Dallas
Number of Members: 1096
Facebook Fanpage

Unitarian Universalist Association

UUA Blogs

Main Facebook Fanpage

The UU World Magazine
RSS Feeds

Facebook Fanpage


UUA Congregations on Twitter List

Somecity UU Church
(Imaginary )
This is an imaginary church used in Peter’s social media trainings.

Facebook page


New Video RSS Feed
Facebook Fanpage
UU video alerts via Twitter

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