Peter Bowden

Raised a Unitarian Universalist,  I am a long time ministry and media innovator within our movement, and am recognized nationally for my work with congregational growth, outreach and media.  This includes my top areas of expertise:  small group ministry, social media, and ministry innovation.

Today I work nationally with Unitarian Universalists as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach.

In 2001, I launched the UU Small Group Ministry Network as a layperson.  Through the network, which became a UUA affiliate organization in 2004, I worked to promote and support the development of amazing small groups across our association.  This quickly developed into a national consulting practice.

Specializing in small groups involved community building, leadership development, and social justice work.   My work in these areas grew over time to encompass growth strategies, outreach, size transitions, shared ministry,  membership development and beyond!

In 2007, as Youtube and social media began to transform the web,  I chose to study digital media through Boston University instead of entering seminary.   At this time I had been working bi-vocationally with both our congregations and as a producer on multiple nationally syndicated children’s television shows.

With professional expertise in both congregational life and television production, I was well suited to respond to the growing need for Unitarian Universalists to harness the power of digital communication.

For the last decade I’ve been helping our congregations communicate,  build community, and have a greater impact in the world.

That’s a bit about me. 

How  can I be of support to you and your congregation?  Contact me here if there’s an event, training, or project you’d like to discuss.