UU Small Group Ministry Network

In 2001 I launched the first website dedicated to Unitarian Universalist small group ministry, SmallGroupMinistry.net.  After spending a couple years functioning as an unofficial and unfunded UU small group ministry office,  in 2004 I co-founded the UU Small Group Ministry Network as an organization.  Today it continues as a volunteer run nonprift  advancing small group ministry and covenant groups across the UUA!

From 2001-2004 the website was a personal project of mine.  I worked with Calvin Dame, Bob Hill and Glenn Turner to compile their resources and others as they became available.  Running this site led to fielding questions from UUs across our association. When this became an unfunded part-time job  these questions became a part-time job I decided we needed an organization to do this work. I   In 2004, after nagging Calvin for a year, we  decided to launch a network.  After meeting M’ellen Kennedy at the April 2004 Center for Community Values (CCV) small group ministry conference the three moved forward.

The network as an organization was launched at the 2004 UUA General Assembly, including a membership program  and the SGM Quarterly journal. Today the UU SGM Network is an independent not-for-profit supporting small group ministry in our member congregations.  I continue to be a periodic contributor, advisor and long-term fan of the UU SGM Network!

I continue to work with small group ministry through my consulting work.  Need coaching or training? Let’s talk!

Small Group Ministry

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