Keynote Speaking

I offer keynotes, workshops, and retreats on a wide range of issues related to Unitarian Universalist ministry, media, innovation, and congregational life.

Ready to discuss an event?

Please email me with some basic information including the organization, your role,  date or date options, and programming need.  I’ll promptly reply with a scheduling link you may use to pick a time for our call.

Sample Presentation Topics

I am always developing new talks and each talk is customized for the audience.  The following are new, popular, and recurring themes.   

  • Mobilizing UUs for Climate Justice
  • Religious Leadership in an Open Source Culture
  • Unleashing Unitarian Universalism’s Potential
  • Adapting  Ministry to Digital Culture
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ministry
  • Facebook, Twitter, Video, Blogging for Congregations
  • Smartphone Video Production for Religious Professionals
  • Congregational Growth Strategies
  • Small Group Ministry Training & Group Growth Strategies
  • All Things Greeting and Hospitality
  • Youth & Young Adult Ministry

I have offered keynotes and programming for an ever growing list of Unitarian Univeralist conferences and organizations.  Here’s a partial list.

  • Minns Lecture Series
  • UU Association of Membership Professionals
  • UUA General Assembly Conferences
  • National LREDA Conference
  • New England Regional LREDA
  • Local UUMA and LREDA chapter meetings
  • Joseph Priestly District Worship Arts Festival
  • North Texas UU Congregations Conference
  • UUA Florida District UUMA/LREDA Conference
  • UUA New Hampshire / Vermont District
  • UUA Mass Bay District
  • UUA South East District
  • Small Group Ministry Institute at the Ferry Beach Conference Center
  • Small Group Ministry Retreat U Bar U Retreat & Conference Center
  • Star Island Lifespan Religious Education Conferences

Locally Hosted Events

In addition to offering keynotes and programming for major Unitarian Universalist conferences and professional organizations, I also organize events with local UU host congregations.  How does this work? So glad you asked!  A local congregation contacts me with their interest. I determine if there are enough UUs in the area to support the training — my events tend to draw from multiple states — and if yes, we work together to put it on.  I  take care of registration, online promotion, and the actual training. The host congregations takes care of hospitality in exchange for their team attending.  Using this model,  there is no speaking fee.  Some congregations will opt to give me a speaker fee and handle registration. I am open to various approaches.

Guest Preaching

I am a regular speaker at congregations in New England, especially the Greater Boston area.  I preach nationally in conjunction with other scheduled events.  Read More.


Ready to discuss an event?  Email me with basic information about your event including the organization, your role,  date or date options, and programming need.  I’ll promptly answer any questions you have. Once we’re ready to schedule a call, I’ll send a scheduling link so you may pick a  time for our call.