Superhero Sermon Notes

Notes below are from my 3/1/15 talk at All Souls Braintree, MA.

I’m thinking that this topic is worthy of a sermon series and/or a similarly themed enrichment retreat. Contact me if you want to organize something like that for your congregation.  Notes below will make less sense if you were not part of the service.   This page will be updated as service/retreat evolves.  ~ Peter

Resources & Media from this Talk

Though not specifically mentioned in the talk, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin is on my required reading list for humans living in today’s world and especially important for UU / religious leaders.

Watch David Meslin’s Talk!

Seth Godin, here’s my favorite talk of his…


Outline of Peter’s guide to Unleashing Your Inner Superhero!

This was the first time I offered this talk. I’m working on it too and it is a process.  Please feel free to leave me voice  message with feedback at (617) 744-9784  (voice mail box I never answer) or share comment at bottom of this post.


Point to / name the thing! What’s the cause, issue or injustice you either want to address, or find yourself getting involved in? Sometimes you don’t choose an issue, it does choose you. Whatever it is, name it!


Beware the 5 Headed Hydra of Hesitation! 

  • A – beware of apathy machine
  • E – beware of your excuses
  • I – beware of forces isolating you and tendency to work alone.
  • O – beware the official route, process, protocol. You may most likely need to break the rules.
  •  U – beware uncertainty that you can make a difference, that you are the right person. Keep alert, adjust but keep moving forward.



Remember your CAPE. From Chris Brogan’s book.

  • C – Confidence comes from small everyday actions and accomplishments. You’ll never start totally confident!
  •  A – Acceptance. Known where you are, the situation. An honest reality check is critical.
  • P – Permission. Choose yourself!
  • E – Execute, take action!


Find the others!
The ones who also pointed to the same thing.
And if they aren’t wearing them, give them CAPE’s too.


As Seth Godin says… “Go. Start Something.”   


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