Peter’s video on “Welcoming Newcomers” with song by Joe Uveges!

One of the highlights of my years of  guest speaking at Unitarian Universalist congregations happened October 5th, 2014! I was leading the service at High Plains Unitarian Universalist Church in Colorado, Springs speaking  on “Friendship in the Digital Age.”  This was during a service after a weekend training on UU Social Media and Growth.  FollowingContinue reading “Peter’s video on “Welcoming Newcomers” with song by Joe Uveges!”

Stephen Colbert, Billy Graham and “the Cult of Unitarianism

Unitarian Universalism made the Colbert Report yesterday, November 1st.  In his Tip/Wag – Constant Documentation & Billy Graham segment, Stephen Colbert discusses Mitt Romney’s outreach to Reverend Billy Graham and Graham’s subsequent disencultification of Mormonism. In response to Unitarians being listed on Graham’s website, Colbert replies.. “Oh yes, the dangerous cult of Unitarianism. Their rules areContinue reading “Stephen Colbert, Billy Graham and “the Cult of Unitarianism”