At the UU Meeting House

UU Meeting House

This video comes via the Rev. Edmond Robinson of the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Chatham, MA.  A light hearted outreach video featuring lyrics that nicely describes their congregation and Unitarian Universalism at large. Official Video Description A cute little song celebrating the UU Meeting House of Chatham, MA, at the "elbow" of Cape Cod, … Continue reading At the UU Meeting House

Start Tweeting at #UUAGA in 3 Easy Steps

Reprinted from previous UU Planet post. You have a smart phone, you're on Facebook,  you might even have an iPad.  If you DO and you're at General Assembly, it is time to try Twitter.  I know you can do it and I want to follow your tweets.  Here's a quick guide. Find someone you know … Continue reading Start Tweeting at #UUAGA in 3 Easy Steps

Stephen Colbert, Billy Graham and “the Cult of Unitarianism

Unitarian Universalism made the Colbert Report yesterday, November 1st.  In his Tip/Wag - Constant Documentation & Billy Graham segment, Stephen Colbert discusses Mitt Romney's outreach to Reverend Billy Graham and Graham's subsequent disencultification of Mormonism. In response to Unitarians being listed on Graham's website, Colbert replies.. "Oh yes, the dangerous cult of Unitarianism. Their rules are … Continue reading Stephen Colbert, Billy Graham and “the Cult of Unitarianism

The UU Media Collaborative week 1

Friends, this is a glimpse of how Unitarian Universalists can collaborate with amazing results... Late September 2012 we started a Facebook group called the UU Media Collaborative to bring together UU creatives who want to work together to share our faith and raise the quality of UU Media.  We created the group, then a page … Continue reading The UU Media Collaborative week 1

Checking in on Youtube stats

Sept 2012 UU PLANET youtube stats

Just looked at my Youtube channel stats for September and 30% of videos were watched on mobile devices.  Only 12% were viewed as embedded videos.  Just goes to show how critical it is to 1) put your videos on Youtube if you want them discovered organically and 2) that mobile is increasingly the norm.   … Continue reading Checking in on Youtube stats

Childrens Photo Release Forms

Photo courtesy UU Stock Photo / sparker8898 Photo release come up constantly these days.   Nothing helps improve a congregation's website like images from congregational life, and that means photos of adults, youth, young adults and yes, children!  It is essential that you get consent from your families before using images of children in your … Continue reading Childrens Photo Release Forms