Unitarian Universalist Ministry in an Occupied World?

Also see:  Unitarian Universalists and Occupy Movement page Yesterday I had a great conversation with a colleague on what role Unitarian Universalists and our institutions should play in the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.  I’ve had a number of similar conversations.  Unitarian Universalist leaders, clergy, members and friends — there is no one way UU’s are responding andContinue reading “Unitarian Universalist Ministry in an Occupied World?”

Occupying? Supporting occupiers? Go Yellow!

I wanted to encourage those of you engaging with the “Occupy Movement” to order Standing on the Side of Love campaign merchandise to wear when you attend occupy events. Visit the Standing on the Side of Love store to order shirts, signs, bags, buttons and more. Our yellow Standing on the Side of Love shirtsContinue reading “Occupying? Supporting occupiers? Go Yellow!”

Unitarian Universalists and OCCUPY Movement?

NEW PAGE: See new longer term UU’s and OCCUPY MOVEMENT page. Question:  Any of your congregations, members and/or clergy getting involved in Occupy Wallsteet, Occupy Boston, and beyond? If you are pro revolution, this is one of those situations where individual UU’s and our congregations need to lead.  If you want to see action, youContinue reading “Unitarian Universalists and OCCUPY Movement?”