Unitarian Universalists and OCCUPY Movement?

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Question:  Any of your congregations, members and/or clergy getting involved in Occupy Wallsteet, Occupy Boston, and beyond?

If you are pro revolution, this is one of those situations where individual UU’s and our congregations need to lead.  If you want to see action, you need to organize locally, network nationally via social media, and rock it grassroots style.

According to comments on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Facebook page (Monday at 9:50am)  the UUA is not going to be taking action on this one.

If you want to organize, you might start a Facebook group to share plans, resources.  If you do, let me know.  I’ll be happy to share it.

As for actions, so far I have heard that this Sunday UU clergy will be leading vespers at Occupy Boston,


What are you planning? Please share your plans, actions, and related blog posts in the comments of this post.

How UU’s in NYC Can Help

I’ve heard via Facebook that there is a “church tent” at Occupy Wallstreet.  Beverly tells me that as the weather turns cold they have a great need for hot water carafes.  She says, “yes, they should bring tea/coffee carafes to the church tent… it’s hard to give directions within that sort of environment… BUT the church tent is on the south station end of the community… the park is quite small and everyone is happy to direct you…”

UU Coverage, Action

UU Lincoln Statler gets arrested and loaded into police van. Look for the yellow Standing on the Side of Love shirt.
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5 thoughts on “Unitarian Universalists and OCCUPY Movement?

  1. Regulate Wall Street. Stop the bonuses.
    Rescind Bush tax cuts.
    Create single payer health care.
    Aid, not drones and soldiers, for Afghanistan.
    End tax breaks for off-shore tax evasions.
    End the use of corn as fuel.
    End corporate contributions to all election ads.
    Celebrate our will to share with each other!

  2. I work with some of the labor unions that are now involved with Occupy Boston. So I’m active in Boston. On Sundays, I’ll be with my congregation on Cape Cod.

    With best wishes,

    Rev. Bob Murphy
    Falmouth, MA

  3. I’m with the UU in the Daytona Beach area. While our society has not specifically endorsed (yet?) we are talking about it and members of our society pulled together and sent me to the van jones conference and october2011/occupy dc to check them out and learn. i’d already begun occupy daytona beach and members of uu here are very active in it. it seems reasonable that uua would support given how many justice issues are involved. do you know of indiv congregations that have passed resolutions supporting? shannon@VolusiaFlaglerDream.org or see occupy daytona beach on fb….

  4. It’s May, 2013…. The Occupy movement has faded away in many parts of the United States. However: The Occupy group in Falmouth, Massachusetts, continues to meet every Monday, at our Unitarian Universalist church. The group is involved with a variety of economic and environmental justice issues on Cape Cod.

    Why does the local Occupy effort continue? There are several reasons. However: One explanation, in particular, may be surprising…. On Cape Cod, the Occupy effort connected to senior citizen activists. Some of the local activists are baby boomers who are now in retirement. Others are a bit older. All of the Occupy activists in Falmouth were previously involved in other campaigns for economic and environmental justice.

    So, the campaign for justice continues in our region. Senior citizen activism continues to develop. In some ways, it’s not surprising. It’s the old folks, especially, who often suffer when the economy and the environment get into trouble.

    Rev. Bob Murphy
    Falmouth, MA

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