Your testimonials help communicate the nature and value of my work to others.  Below is a form for submitting a testimonial, followed by examples from other leaders.  Thank you for making my work and ministry so rewarding!    ~Peter

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Testimonials published below are shared as they were written, including leadership roles, at the time of submission.

⚡️”Peter’s sense of community and passion for his work are contagious. I always enjoy opportunities to work with and learn from him. His depth of knowledge, engaging facilitation and sense of humor make every presentation enjoyable.” — Mr. Barb Greve, Interim Director of Religious Education

⚡️”Although I am involved in several forms of electronic communication at my church, Peter’s program helped me to see the benefit to my church of including a social media component to our overall electronic communications plan.” – Karen Plaskon, Communications Committee

⚡️”Peter’s passion for social media communications and Unitarian Universalism is contagious. His vision for our future is something we need to learn and embrace.” – Don Southworth, UUMA Executive Director

⚡️”I had the opportunity to consult with Peter  about a video I made and I’m so glad I did!  Peter affirmed my video project, told me specifically what he liked about it including content and narrative.  Then he went on to describe how I could make the video stronger with a definite call to action and identifying who I wanted to reach with this video. He also gave technical suggestions and relevant feedback that was encouraging, informative, and constructive. I feel much better about being able to produce a high quality video after the consultation with Peter. He is warm, engaging and knowledgeable. I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with him as he is so passionate, energetic and inspiring!” – Rev. Susan Karlson, Unitarian Universalist community minister and former Disaster Response Coordinator

⚡️”The day after Peter’s presentation, I created my workplace persona Facebook account, made myself an administrator on our organizations’ pages, connected with about 100 UU people, and started getting the word out on what we were doing. What a productive 24 hours! Our administrators’ meeting provided just the right inspiration to finally just do it! Thanks, Peter.” — Judy M, district admin

⚡️”Peter’s presentation was engaging, inspiring, and informative. His inclination to take the pulse of his audience allowed him to modify the speed of his delivery as needed. Peter is a skilled facilitator whom I would highly recommend!…” Kimberly Paquette, Multigenerational Ministry Director, NNED of the UUA

⚡️”Peter has a natural enthusiasm which engages his audience and causes them to interact with him and each other in a lively way. The exercises were inventive and effective. We all felt at the end of the retreat that we had had a significant exploration of our values, plans, and even our personality as a church community.” Claire Sherman,  Parish Committee Co-Chair, First Parish Church of Scituate, MA

⚡️”Peter was amazing – engaging, funny, and with a deep message about how important the work of deepening relationships and community is. I came away inspired to do even more to reach out and re-imagine the ways we create and engage in faith community!”

⚡️”This was my first Webinar experience and I found it very useful. About half of our Membership Committee sat down together for the Webinar and we felt that we came away with lots of good ideas to apply on Sunday mornings with visitors. We also noted great follow up plans to keep new people coming back and getting involved. We had the chance to discuss your ideas with the phone muted and to type in our responses. It was convenient to share written responses from other participants without interrupting the flow of the program.” – Sue Garland Membership Co-Chair First Parish UU Kingston

⚡️”Peter facilitated our Board retreat expertly, keeping us all engaged throughout the day, and leaving us energized for the work ahead. He provided insights into what it means to be a program size church specifically for our congregation, introduced us to resources and set the stage for the next steps on our journey.” Mary-Ann C. President, Board of Trustees

⚡️”Peter’s enthusiasm is contagious. I’m looking forward to bringing some of his great ideas and tools for UU outreach back to our congregation.” -Lisa Smith, UU Church of Rockville (MD), Communications/Web Team

⚡️”Peter provided our team with an opportunity to learn together about social media giving us a common understanding of the benefits and costs of utilizing it. His enthusiasm for social media is infectious, making us feel not only that implementing it is possible and perhaps inevitable as our world continues to evolve.” Sara Deshler, Church Administrator, Cedar Lane U U Church.

⚡️”A ‘don’t miss’ opportunity to be informed and ‘kept awake’ during the sermon.” Dr. Lester Dubnick, Member Right Relations Committee, WUU, Williamsburg, VA

⚡️”Our short conversation gave me great ideas and advice on how to move the congregation forward. It was exactly what I needed – and great to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about!” — The Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Senior Minister.

⚡️”Peter Bowden wraps up experience, knowledge and immense enthusiasm with his UU soul. He brings energy and inspiration to his presentations, and it rubs off on us!” – Lyssa Andersson, secretary
CBD/MBD Chapter AUUA, Administrator, UU Church of Marblehead, MA

⚡️”Peter Bowden is not afraid of reminding me of a ministry of presence. Time with him has called me to be more present as a minister in cyberspace, with intention, purpose, and savvy.”

⚡️”Peter has an engaging style that, combined with relevant information, helps everyone in the room learn and grow.” Halcyon W., DRE

⚡️”A balance of humor and thought provoking questions and issues. Clearly delivered. Intentional connection with folks. Great energy for some sleepy Sunday morning people.”

⚡️”Peter Bowden is an engaging and gifted educator and religious leader”  — Naomi King, Vice-President Florida UUMA

⚡️”Thoughtful, comprehensive, and practical review of our new website.” — Franz G, Chair of Communications and web design team

⚡️”Peter’s expertise and energy generate excellent results for this congregation.” — Rev. Betty Kornitzer, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County (RI)

⚡️”Whether presenting himself or facilitating the presentation of a guest speaker, Peter always brings the webinar experience alive, creating a welcoming environment in which questions and discussion are encouraged. This is a great low cost opportunity to learn and share ideas with other UUs around the country.” — Mark Bernstein, Regional Growth Development Consultant, Central East Region of the UUA  [Webinar Feedback]

⚡️”Peter’s training on Social Media was clear, instructive, and interactive. He is dynamic, engaging and brings an enthusiasm to his sessions that is contagious. I recommend him highly.” Mark Bernstein, Regional Growth Development Consultant, Central East Region of the UUA [From day-long training]

⚡️Let me add my name to the list of “RPGFPB” (Religious Professionals Grateful for Peter Bowden)…and here’s why. Peter really gets it in terms of what a congregation or an individual religious professional needs to do their work or spread the word ABOUT their work. His knowledge of media networking is a terrific asset to the district and the individuals in that district.  YEA PETER!  ~ With admiration and appreciation, Rev. Dr. Judy Campbell, UU community minister, and Ministerial Settlement Representative for the BCD. The Sinister minister, author of the Olympia Brown Mysteries”A Deadly Mission” (2010) and “An Unspeakable Mission” (2011) http://judithcampbell-holymysteries.com

⚡️”Peter presents in a lively and engaging fashion, even for those of us who are a bit behind in the world of technology! He keeps the pace moving and checks in with his audience frequently to make sure things are making sense!” Julie Porter, Programs Coordinator, North Atlantic Regional LREDA

⚡️”Being savvy with modern technology is essential to providing ministry and social outreach in our congregations. Peter offers an invaluable service to those of us trying to stay current with recent trends and ahead of people’s expectations regarding the use of communication tools. I have consulted Peter on matters of web page design and computing tools, and always found him enormously helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly…a true asset to our denomination.” — Rev. Jeff Lieberman

⚡️”Peter makes church work exciting and engaging.” — Rev. Richard Stower, Minister, First Parish. Scituate, MA

⚡️”Peter brings to his work a powerful combination of experience, commitment, and enthusiasm for Small Group Ministry.” — The Rev. Bob Hill, author of The Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry

⚡️”One of the earliest to grasp the potential of Small Group Ministry, Peter quickly developed effective techniques for its development and spread.  The online UU Small Group Ministry Networkis thanks to his vision and energy.  He is one of our foremost teachers and promoters in helping churches to develop and maintain small groups.” — Rev. Glenn H. Turner

⚡️”Thought-provoking, challenging, and above all, ~practical~ perspectives for congregational leaders, thinkers, and movers. I frequently find myself forwarding Mr. Bowden’s blog posts to other influencers in my congregation.” — Ellen Skagerberg, Chair, Financial Stewardship Council, UU Congregation, Santa Rosa, CA Shared via Facebook.

⚡️”Peter, you did a great job keeping us focused, letting the chatter go on only so long, and keeping the clarity going on between individuals. The short exercises and rituals you conducted also went over really well, and each reminded us that we were in a religious group, not a social hour, not a discussion group. When we got down to it, and at your urging we spent our energy envisioning for the church. There was also something magical about the Cedar Hill Retreat Center and the weather, and about the cordiality among the members and their taking to you as a person.” UU Minister

⚡️”Peter Bowden knows Small Group Ministry. He is a dynamic speaker and quite passionate about what he does. I look forward to learning more.”

⚡️”Peter is very experienced & knowledgable in Small Group Ministry and an enthusiastic role model for those of us who want to learn from him. As our church grows & gets many visitors passing through, it will be important to implement some of his ideas so that new people can experience the special bonds & deeper spirituality created in a SGM.” -Pat Beck-just your usual covert to UU for last 11 yrs.

⚡️”I think Peter did a great job presenting all the facts about facebook, blogging and twitter. He was informative, engaging and available to listen and respond to our questions.”

⚡️”Loved Peter’s energy and insights. He and Amy worked well together. The top ten list not to tell people you are UU was funny but got to a more serious point about our mission and being unafraid to go forth and share our faith. Loved the story about the woman who found UU and scolded (wagging finger) Peter for not doing more, better (in terms of getting the word out about UU). Took away an important lesson that has changed my view of ‘mission’ work for our liberal, progressive and intellectual faith. Thank you Peter!!!”  Whitney, Professor of History

⚡️”Peter’s teaching style and personality keep you interested AND entertained!” – Annette G, Small Group Ministry Leader

⚡️”Was really impressed!  Didn’t have great expectations as I have had previous small group training and found some of it rather boring and didn’t learn much.  No so in this session.  Peter kept the sessions lively and I got some good suggestions to incorporate into our small group ministry at my home church.”

⚡️”Peter’s workshop was just what I was looking for – an overview of SGM and all its facets.  My time was well invested and I highly recommend the program, and Steve, to others who are looking to get not just the ‘nuts and bolts’, but the details.”

⚡️”Peter’s SGM presentation is clear, positive and enthusiastic.  I recommend it.” Jackie Russell, president of CCUUS ”

⚡️”Peter is a fabulous speaker and facilitator. His passion for small group ministry is contagious. I’m so grateful to have been the recipient of his vast knowledge of SGM. I came away with solid, practical ideas that I can put into practice at our church. I highly recommend this training.” – Lisa Carrell, First UU Church of Austin, TX”

⚡️”Delivered with authority, enthusiasm, and a broad understanding of small group ministry, a weekend with Peter Bowden was well worth our leaders’ time.” Rev. Bret Lortie, minister, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio

⚡️”Incredible enthusiasm and energy built in to a strong belief in the power and potential of SGM philosophy.  Add to that some strong, basic, well-founded knowledge and understanding of the evolution of the concept and we had a really wonderful, helpful workshop.”

⚡️”Peter’s passion about this work comes through in everything he does. He takes the best of what he has learned from countless UU congregations and makes it easy for anyone to incorporate into their congregation immediately.” ~ Marie Murton, Membership Coordinator, Fox Valley UU Fellowship, Appleton, WI

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