The following are Twitter resources for Unitarian Universalists.  More resources to come! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be informed when new free videos, resources, and online courses become available.   ~ Peter

UU Gotta Tweet Twitter Crash Course Video

Tips and Twitter basics for setting up a UU Twitter account whether it is for a congregation or religious professional.  Note this was made in 2014 when our General Assembly conference was in Providence, RI.  The tips all still apply, just note that it uses now historical examples.  Make sure you go to GA in the right city!

UU Hashtag Directory

A growing list hashtags to use in your UU tweets!   This directory started as a collaborative project of the UU Social Media Lab Facebook Group and I continue to maintain and expand it.  Check it out at

Twitter Lists

Want to find Unitarian Universalist accounts to follow quickly and easily?  Checkout the Twitter lists maintained by the UUA.  When you subscribe to a list, tweets shared by members of that list show up in your feed even if you aren’t following them.  Still good to follow those accounts you are interested in. If you follow them, they may in turn follow you back!