The UU Growth Lab

Facebook-beakerThe UU Growth Lab, a group on Facebook, was created to serve as a free space and think tank for Unitarian Universalist Change Agents, primarily within the Unitarian Universalist Association though we are not exclusive.

In early 2011 I launched the lab in response to minister colleagues expressing to me that they didn’t feel safe sharing opinions on a public blog that might go against institutional norms, power structures and so on.  I had also read the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard which discusses the need to create a space for reformers to gather, exchange ideas and organize.

I managed the UU Growth Lab community until August 2018 when I decided to launch a new UU PLANET group to serve as the hub and headquarters for my work, projects, and community on Facebook. This was sparked in part by changes to Facebook to prioritize groups – see video below.

At the time I launched my new group, I invited UUA staff to take over the leadership of the UU Growth Lab. It has since been renamed to be the UU Outreach Lab.

To connect with me and participate in the conversations I’m facilitating, including weekly Facebook live Q&A sessions, please join our  UU PLANET Community group.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the UU Growth Lab during the 7-ish years I facilitated it, especially Tandi Rogers who was a great support and collaborator for much of that time!


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