Childrens Photo Release Forms

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Photo courtesy UU Stock Photo / sparker8898

Photo release come up constantly these days.   Nothing helps improve a congregation’s website like images from congregational life, and that means photos of adults, youth, young adults and yes, children!  It is essential that you get consent from your families before using images of children in your publications, be they print or online.

When I saw a call for sample releases on the LREDA email discussion list this week I thought I’d offer to make some of the samples public.  Thanks to the leaders below who offered their releases as examples for this post.  I’m happy to post a few more sample docs if you have one that you think is outstanding or significantly different from those below.   Contact me via sidebar of this site.

Sample Photo Release Forms

Full Page Photo Release Form (DOC) via Jennifer Harvilak, DRE at Cedarhurst UU, Finksburg Maryland.

RE Registration Form with Photo Release (DOC) via Jenn McAdoo, Credentialed Religious Educator at the  First Universalist Church, Yarmouth, ME.

Online RE Registration Form with Photo Release (website) via Natalie Browne, Director of Lifespan Faith Development First Unitarian Universalist Church, Houston, TX

Jan Gartner, Lifespan Faith Development & Youth Ministries Consultant for the Ohio-Meadville District of the UUA and Director of Religious Education at First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY offers the following:

I have a “Safety and Support” section on my registration form.  This includes a space to explain any special needs or situations, as well as the following statement:
We enjoy using photos of children in our church literature and displays, as well as on our website.  If you DO NOT want your child’s picture used for such purposes, please indicate any restrictions here.  Your child will not be identified by name on the website.  (Blank indicates okay.)
Nobody has indicated anything here in the 2 years I’ve done it this way.  We did make a video of a class session last year that got posted on YouTube, and I got verbal permission from each family for that. Anything a little out of the ordinary like that I would go out of my way to check with families.