The Future of Facebook, Congregations, and Meaningful Community

Does your congregation use Facebook?  If so, you need to be tracking changes to Facebook that are going to impact your strategy.  I discussed the announced changes and the implications in my UU Planet Leaders Facebook Group. The recording is below. Make sure to subscribe to email updates so you can join the live conversation!Continue reading “The Future of Facebook, Congregations, and Meaningful Community”

UU Ice Breaker Bingo

This UU Ice Breaker Bingo activity was created by me, Peter Bowden, and the Rev. Amy Freedman. It was designed specifically for a religious education parent community building event. Download UU Ice Breaker Bingo: Icebreaker Bingo (updated 10/20/17) DOC  Icebreaker Bingo (updated 10/20/17) PDF Example Board For best results CUSTOMIZE the boards to better fitContinue reading “UU Ice Breaker Bingo”