6 Videos to Help You Prepare for UUA General Assembly 2017

For those of us going to this year’s General Assembly conference, the UUA has compiled a fabulous list of tools to help us prepare. It includes readings, videos, books and activities. Here are six videos featured in their list of preparatory tools. Me? I’m going to have a GA prep movie night…

UU Gotta Tweet at #UUAGA video Crash Course

Update:  If you’re watching this in 2016, remember this year’s GA is in Columbus, OH. Friends, I told people using the UUA’s mobile General Assembly event app that I’d make a quick tutorial on how to get started on Twitter.  Here it is! In this video I walk you through the process of setting upContinue reading “UU Gotta Tweet at #UUAGA video Crash Course”

Tips for Your First General Assembly – 2014 Edition

The following list of tips for attending your first General Assembly conference of the Unitarian Universalist Association was  made collaboratively by the UU Growth Lab. It was first published in 2011 and has since been updated annually.    The UUA’s 2014 General Assembly takes place this June in Providence, RI. Before you go: Plan your GAContinue reading “Tips for Your First General Assembly – 2014 Edition”

Before GA, make time to play — with the mobile app!

If you’re going to the UUA’s 2014 General Assembly conference in Providence, RI this June and have a smart phone or tablet, you’ll want to make sure to download the brand new UUA General Assembly app. I just gave it a test drive and it is fabulous.  But don’t wait until GA, you’ll want toContinue reading “Before GA, make time to play — with the mobile app!”

Collaborative Mulitmedia Piece for Sunday Morning GA Worship

Friends, we are working on creating a multimedia piece for Sunday morning worship at General Assembly to the reading “Beatitudes for Justice Builders” by the Rev. Lindi Ramsden. In order to bring this message to life, we are looking for additional photographs of people engaged in many different kinds of activities: social action, worship, meetings,Continue reading “Collaborative Mulitmedia Piece for Sunday Morning GA Worship”

UU Social Media Year in Review for 2013

Here are a some thoughts in response to Rev. Daniel Harper’s The year in review: UU social media in 2013. I’ll share more thoughts when I have time. Thanks for kicking off the review, Dan! ~ Peter BLOGGING We’ve discussed the issue of UU clergy vs. lay person blogging in the UU Growth Lab andContinue reading “UU Social Media Year in Review for 2013”

New book on humanism, UU theology, and the growth (or not) of the UUA

I just ordered a new book on humanism, our UU theology, and the history of our association, REGAINING BALANCE: THE EVOLUTION OF THE UUA by Michael Werner, published by Religious Humanism Press. I’m excited for this read as this relates directly to conversations we’ve been having in the UU Growth Lab over the last twoContinue reading “New book on humanism, UU theology, and the growth (or not) of the UUA”

Millennial UU Innovators Discussion Google Hangout

The following is the archived video of the live Millennial UU Innovators Discussion Google Hangout convened by Carey McDonald on June 5, 2013.  Total running time 1 hour. Now you may be asking, how do these things get scheduled and how do I get involved?   Join the UU Growth Lab on Facebook!  Many great conversationsContinue reading “Millennial UU Innovators Discussion Google Hangout”

Start Tweeting at #UUAGA in 3 Easy Steps

Reprinted from previous UU Planet post. You have a smart phone, you’re on Facebook,  you might even have an iPad.  If you DO and you’re at General Assembly, it is time to try Twitter.  I know you can do it and I want to follow your tweets.  Here’s a quick guide. Find someone you knowContinue reading “Start Tweeting at #UUAGA in 3 Easy Steps”