Church Growth Conference – Taunton, MA, October 26-27, 2012

Next month our Unitarian Universalist congregation in Taunton, MA is hosting a growth conference which I hope you will consider sending a team to. It is Friday, October 26 – Saturday, October 27, 2012. See Full Details and Online Registration. Paul Nickerson Presenting will be my colleague, Paul Nickerson, a senior associate with Griffith Coaching,Continue reading “Church Growth Conference – Taunton, MA, October 26-27, 2012”

Videos: Thousands of Unitarian Universalists protest Arpaio’s Tent City jail

On Saturday, June 23, 2012 thousands of Unitarian Universalists and immigration partners protested outside of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City jail.  The following are videos containing footage from this event, including UU World videos and media from vigil participants. For full coverage of this religious witness event and the 2012 General Assembly of the UnitarianContinue reading “Videos: Thousands of Unitarian Universalists protest Arpaio’s Tent City jail”

Follow me and the UU World at the UUA’s 2012 General Assembly

This week I will be video reporting on the 2012  General Assembly conference of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) for the UU World Magazine. Coverage will be posted on the UU World’s GA Blog, including videos, and be shared via all available social media channels. Connect with the UU World and follow this week viaContinue reading “Follow me and the UU World at the UUA’s 2012 General Assembly”

Occupy Your Faith – A Boston Unitarian Universalist Revival

Event announcement via Matt Meyer. “Please pass it along to everyone you know!  Pass it along to youth group leaders and youth, friends and family, choir members and musicians, clergy and college students!  The RSVP will let us know how much food to get and how much help we’ll need with childcare.” Boston UU RevivalContinue reading “Occupy Your Faith – A Boston Unitarian Universalist Revival”

Not Your Traditional Dialogue on Race: Building Partnerships with Multicultural Arts Organizations

First, thanks to Peter Bowden for the invite to guest-post on UUGROWTH.COM. This is a great website! My name is Josh Pawelek. I’ve served as the parish minister at the Unitarian Universalist Society: East in Manchester, CT since the summer of 2003.  Peter was curious about a recent opportunity I had to preach at MiddleContinue reading “Not Your Traditional Dialogue on Race: Building Partnerships with Multicultural Arts Organizations”

“Congregations and Beyond” vision from UUA President Morales

The Rev. Peter Morales has issued a white paper detailing what he sees as “a historic opportunity for our faith.” Released by the UUA on January 19, 2012, you may read the paper on or  download as PDF  below. I very much look forward to the conversations “Congregations and Beyond” will stimulate.  Download it,Continue reading ““Congregations and Beyond” vision from UUA President Morales”

Reflections on Ministry UUA Video Series

In this video series from the Unitarian Universalist Association,  religious professionals reflect on Unitarian Universalist ministry in all its forms.  Each video ranges from 2 to 4 minutes.  According to the Rev. Harlan Limpert, UUA Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support Administration,  the last videos in the series will be released over the next twoContinue reading “Reflections on Ministry UUA Video Series”

Surveys and thoughts on Freerange UUs

A new survey for freerange UUs has just been created by the UUA’s Office of Growth Strategies.  I hope you’ll share this with your friends, colleagues and congregation at large. Here’s the survey announcement: Seeking Free-Range Unitarian Universalists… by Tandi Rogers If you’re a “Free-Range Unitarian Universalist,” please take this survey: The UUA OfficeContinue reading “Surveys and thoughts on Freerange UUs”