Reflections on Ministry UUA Video Series

In this video series from the Unitarian Universalist Association,  religious professionals reflect on Unitarian Universalist ministry in all its forms.  Each video ranges from 2 to 4 minutes.  According to the Rev. Harlan Limpert, UUA Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support Administration,  the last videos in the series will be released over the next two weeks.  If you don’t see your video here, stay tuned! ~ Peter

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – What do you love about ministry?
Updated version – 12/12/2011

Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministers respond to the question, “What do you love about ministry”? In two minutes and six seconds, ten current UU ministers describe what they love about being in ministry. Very moving.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – What are the challenges of ministry?

Unitarian Universalist ministers respond to the question, “What are the challenges of ministry?” Five UU ministers describe briefly the challenges of being in ministry.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – What is the core of your calling?

Five Unitarian Universalist ministers talk about the core of their calling.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – How is your ministry transformative?

Four Unitarian Universalist ministers talk about how their ministries are transformative.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – How possible is work-life balance?

Six Unitarian Universalist religious professionals talk about whether it’s possible to find work-life balance in their ministries.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – So you think you have a calling?

Five Unitarian Universalist provide advice to those who think they may have a calling for ministry.

What questions should you ask yourself about ministry

What questions should you ask when considering the ministry.
Five UU music professionals talk about their music ministries.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – The ministry of military chaplaincy.

A Unitarian Universalist minister and active Navy chaplain shares the joys and challenges of military chaplaincy.

Three Unitarian Universalist ministers of color reflect on their ministries.